World Renowned Professor of Chemistry, Professor Jonathan Sessler Appointed to the OncoTEX Inc. Board

One of the world’s most renowned Chemists and co-founder of the biopharmaceutical company, Pharmacyclics, Professor Jonathan L. Sessler has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director to the board of OncoTEX Inc., it was announced today.

OncoTEX Inc. is a member company of The iQ Group Global that specializes in the development of oncology drugs. Its novel anticancer drug platform, TEX Core, has the ability to develop a range of well-tolerated, MRI-detectable cancer therapeutics that target drug-sensitive and drug-resistant solid tumors. 

As an innovator in his field, Professor Sessler is well known for his ground-breaking work on expanded porphyrins and their applications to biology and medicine. He brings an unprecedented wealth of experience to the OncoTEX Inc. board. Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Highest Honors from The University of California, Berkeley Professor Sessler went on to complete his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Stanford University in 1982. Since 1984 Jonathan Sessler has been a Professor of Chemistry at The University of Texas Austin, one of the world’s leading basic and applied research facilities, and currently holds The Doherty-Welch Chair. He has received many awards and recognitions throughout his career. Professor Sessler’s work has been cited more than 37,000 times; his h-index (Web of Science) is 104.

Professor Sessler’s connection to OncoTEX Inc. is a personal one, having battled cancer himself. It was while he was being treated for cancer and working on his Ph.D. that he began dreaming about creating his signature “Texaphyrin” molecules – a core molecular component to the ground-breaking anticancer drug platform, TEX Core.  As the co-inventor of OxaliTEX the first cancer therapeutic to be targeted for commercialization from the TEX Core platform, Professor Sessler is uniquely positioned to support the development of OxaliTEX and other compounds using the TEX Core platform.

“We are extremely honored to have Jonathan join our board. As a co-inventor he brings unprecedented  experience and knowledge needed to transform OxaliTEX into a highly impactful treatment that will give cancer patients a much better quality of life” said Dr. George Syrmalis Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The iQ Group Global.

“I am proud to be on the board of OncoTEX Inc. and be a part of The iQ Group Global team. What drives me most is not just the possibility of eliminating cancer, but developing cancer therapies that are better tolerated by patients with minimal side effects. From what we’ve seen so far, TEX Core promises to deliver that.” Said Professor Jonathan Sessler, Non-Executive Director, OncoTEX Inc. “Having worked on Tex Core for over a decade now, I am incredibly inspired as we enter the next phase of development.”

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