The iQ Group Global launches investment company, Ethical Bioscience Investments (EBI)

With global healthcare under unprecedented pressure, innovation must accelerate like never before.

Population increase, rising life expectancy, urbanisation and the spread of infectious diseases demand a new frontier for bioscience innovation to ensure the right medicines are developed when the world needs them most.

The iQ Group Global is proud to share the launch of our new investment company, Ethical Bioscience Investments (EBI).

At Ethical Bioscience Investments, we invest across the entire bioscience sector; from chemical, biologic, genetic pharmaceutical interventions, to advanced point of care diagnostics, medicine nanorobotics, all at the forefront of medical research.

Validated by our Scientific Advisory Board and Investment Committee, EBI provides unique investment opportunities for qualified investors who are looking to invest across the global bioscience sector.

“Investing in life sciences in this current climate is critical to creating a positive impact,” Group CEO Dr. George Syrmalis said.

“At Ethical Bioscience Investments, we offer investments that serve our investors’ long-term financial goals and, ultimately, power a world free of disease.”

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