OncoTEX Inc. appoints Chief Executive Officer

OncoTEX Inc. (OncoTEX), a US oncology company and member of The iQ Group Global Ltd portfolio (NSX.IQG), is pleased to announce it has appointed Dr. Jonathan F. Arambula as Chief Executive Officer.

Jonathan is a founding member of OncoTEX and has more than 13 years of experience in the discovery and development of cancer therapeutics in both academic and industry settings. As CEO, Jonathan will over oversee the company’s extensive pipeline of technology and drug candidates as he prepares for an IPO on a US exchange.

In his founding role as Vice President of Research, Jonathan oversaw the transfer of the innovative TEX Core platform from the University of Texas at Austin to OncoTEX. TEX Core is a world-first oncology drug platform designed to create innovative therapies capable of overcoming multiple limitations seen within current cancer therapeutics.

Jonathan has authored 28 peer-reviewed publications, co-invented 18 patents and patent applications. Jonathan is also the co-inventor of the TEX Core platform, which Oncotex is commercializing. 

“This is a momentous and exciting next step for OncoTEX as we solidify our vision for the future and provide hope to countless patients across the globe living with incurable diseases,” Dr. Arambula said.

“We will continue to expand our platform and move our technology closer towards the clinical phase. We have always taken the road less traveled at OncoTEX, opting to target and treat the most aggressive and prevalent forms of cancer. I plan to propel this mission as OncoTEX works to use its technology to save lives.”

About OncoTEX Inc.

OncoTEX Inc is an oncology company and member of the iQ Group Global bioscience investment enterprise The iQ Group Global. OncoTEX Inc owns TEX Core, a novel oncology drug platform that enables the development of well-tolerated, MRI-detectable cancer therapeutics that target drug-sensitive and drug-resistant solid tumors. Find out more

About The iQ Group Global

The iQ Group Global is a group of companies that find, fund and develop bioscience discoveries to create life-changing medical innovations. Recognized by The Australian Financial Review for the second consecutive year as one of the country’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020, The iQ Group Global’s flagship innovations include the Biosensor Platform and TEX Core, a first-in-class oncology drug platform with the ability to develop a pipeline of novel oncology compounds. Visit our website: theiqgroupglobal.com  

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