This National Diabetes Week, we are starting a conversation to help address how living with diabetes affects a person’s mental health.

In 2021, Diabetes Australia is continuing their Heads Up campaign, which focuses on the mental and emotional health of people living with diabetes. This year, the spotlight is on diabetes stigma and mental health.

Stigma affects all aspects of life for people with diabetes, including their mental health and wellbeing.  

People experience stigma in a variety of ways, including when they are made to feel responsible for their condition, while injecting insulin in public and when they experience the effects and complications of diabetes such as low blood sugar.


Diabetes stigma is a problem facing people with diabetes and it has to change.

  • More than 4 in 5 people with diabetes have experienced diabetes stigma.
  • Nearly 50 per cent of people with diabetes have experienced mental health challenges in the last 12 months.

Diabetes Australia is giving everyone a Heads Up on Diabetes Stigma by asking these questions:

Would you mind?

Would you mind being judged every time you eat?

Would you mind being shamed for taking medication?

Would you mind being blamed for a condition anyone could develop?

Diabetes: The World’s Largest Epidemic Unmasked

This National Diabetes Week, we are unmasking the world’s largest epidemic, Diabetes, to raise awareness about the nature of the disease and the real impact diabetes related stigmas have on all aspects of life for diabetics, including their mental health and wellbeing.

What it’s like to live with diabetes


Currently, the only approved methods to monitor glucose levels in people with diabetes are painful, invasive and inconvenient. At The iQ Group Global, we are committed to creating a pain-free, non-invasive future for glucose monitoring for people living with diabetes.

With our Saliva Glucose Biosensor, we intend to replace painful and invasive finger pricking for people living with diabetes – so that people with diabetes can thrive, not just survive. 

Want to find out more?

If this week’s campaign raises challenging thoughts or feelings, it is important to know support is available. See how you can get involved in raising awareness and changing the conversation around diabetes stigma.


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