TEX Core developed compounds are designed to be tumor localizing, well-tolerated, MRI-detectable and efficacious in multiple solid tumors, including cancer cells that fail to respond to current therapies. 


The first TEX Core oncology compound to be developed is OxaliTEX, a conjugation of oxaliplatin and texaphryn, which localizes to solid tumors including ovarian, lung and colorectal cancers. 

Preclinical research has shown OxaliTEX is more effective than traditional platinum-based chemotherapy, with the ability to overcome multifactorial resistance, including reactivation of the mutated p53 tumor suppressor gene, a primary reason current therapies fail. OxaliTEX is also visible on MRI, meaning physicians can identify tumor locations and monitor response to treatment.

Ovarian cancer: An urgent unmet need

Currently, 50 percent of all chemotherapy patients are treated with platinum-based chemotherapy.

Despite their wide use, these platinum compounds are known for extreme side effects, which means doses must be limited. In addition, patients often present with platinum resistance, which makes the treatment ineffective.

The lead indication for OxaliTEX is ovarian cancer, the number one cause of gynecological cancer deaths globally. OxaliTEX provides new hope for ovarian cancer patients as it has the ability to kill cancer cells even when tumors are advanced and platinum-resistant.

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