TEX Core is an anticancer drug platform that has the ability to develop a range of well-tolerated, MRI-detectable cancer therapeutics that target drug-sensitive and drug-resistant solid tumors.

OxaliTEX will be the first cancer therapy developed from the TEX Core drug platform, for patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

Highly targeted for improved efficacy

OxaliTEX is a novel chemical entity (WO 2015/191797) that targets only solid tumor cells, activates within the tumor and overcomes drug-resistance mechanisms with minimal side effects.

Pre-clinical research conducted at the University of Texas and MD Anderson Cancer Center has shown that OxaliTEX localizes to ovarian, lung and colon tumors, and is superior to traditional platinum-based chemotherapy drugs.

New hope for ovarian cancer patients

Currently, 50 percent of all chemotherapy patients are treated with platinum-based chemotherapy.

Despite their wide use, these platinum compounds are known for extreme side effects, which means doses must be limited. In addition, patients often present with platinum resistance, which makes the treatment ineffective.

The lead indication for OxaliTEX is ovarian cancer, the number one cause of gynecological cancer deaths globally. OxaliTEX provides new hope for ovarian cancer patients as it has the ability to kill cancer cells even when tumors are advanced and platinum-resistant.


The iQ Group Global acquired the anticancer drug platform, TEX Core, in 2019. OncoTEX, a member company of The iQ Group Global, plans to continue its development in partnership with the University of Texas and the MD Anderson Cancer Center.