One in 11 people are living with diabetes around the world, and one in two people with diabetes don’t know they have it. The majority of these, around 90%, have type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, amputation, heart disease, kidney failure and early death. Simple action, such as regular glucose monitoring, can reduce the risk.

In our mission to create the medicines of tomorrow, The iQ Group Global is committed to raising diabetes awareness and supporting those living with diabetes in partnership with Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes Queensland.

This World Diabetes Day, we are shining a light on the importance of regular glucose monitoring to prevent complications resulting from diabetes.

What it’s like to live with diabetes

Addressing the Challenges of Invasive Glucose Monitoring

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  • The global diabetes epidemic
  • The challenges of currently available glucose monitoring technologies
  • The urgent need for a non-invasive glucose monitoring option
  • How improved testing will help millions of people living with diabetes


Currently, the only approved methods to monitor glucose levels in people with diabetes are painful, invasive and inconvenient. At The iQ Group Global, we are committed to creating a pain-free, non-invasive future for glucose monitoring for people living with diabetes.

With our Saliva Glucose Biosensor, we intend to replace painful and invasive finger pricking for people living with diabetes – so that people with diabetes can thrive, not just survive. 

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About World Diabetes Day 2019:
Know your Type 2 diabetes risk – take the IDF risk assessment:
Diabetes NSW & ACT and Diabetes Queensland.