What starts here changes the world

The unique and innovative iQ Group Global business model is transforming the biotechnology industry worldwide.

Our life science and pharmaceutical practice collaborate with scientists the world over: Identifying and owning Intellectual Property, creating and executing drug development plans from discovery to market. From simple chemical entities to complex genetic therapeutics and beyond, we are creating the medicines of the future.

In addition…
Our dedicated investment banking business transforms biotech from an alternative investment option to a requisite mainstream capital market asset. We design and market innovative structured financial products and solutions. These provide entry and exit, investment and divestment, in the 12 or more year drug development cycle.

In this way the iQ Group Global is
bridging capital with science to create the
medicines of the future.

The life science and pharmaceutical practice provides scientific expertise in areas ranging from biotech IP asset management, medical/clinical research, regulatory and reimbursement strategy, medical affairs and pharmaceutical sales.

The investment banking business provides venture capital, structured financial products, fund management (iQ Series 8) and investment banking on a global scale.

Converging the global investment and scientific community, The iQ Group Global plays a pivotal role in the evolution of the biotech sector, positioning us as the ideal strategic partner for financial market participants, governments, research institutes and the broader biopharma community.

OUR companies

The iQ Group Global consists of the following companies:
  • iQnovate - Bridging science with business

    iQnovate is a scientifically driven life science asset management organisation. It has exceptional organic research and development capability. This enables iQnovate to conceptualise, source, validate and commercialise biotechnology assets that have extraordinary and potentially disruptive outcomes, thus advancing human health.

  • iQ3Corp - Translating science into capital and beyond

    iQ3Corp. is the world’s first dedicated life science corporate finance and advisory firm.

  • iQX Investments - Eradicating disease through capital investment

    iQX Investments is an investment company and fund manager specialising in the life science sector, supporting physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs who are building innovation based businesses.

  • Clinical Research Corporation (CRC) - Redefining Medical Affairs

    CRC provides contract medical affairs services to the pharmaceutical industry throughout the drug lifecycle.

  • FARMAFORCE - Shaping the future, together

    FarmaForce is a contract sales organisation offering innovative sales solutions to the Australian pharmaceutical industry.

  • iQcapital - Investing in the medicines of the future

    iQ Capital is the Group’s dedicated life science investment bank, physically creating the bridge between investors and the biopharma industry.

  • iQDEX - iQDex Life Sciences Index

    iQDEX is now providing this benchmark to investors and the industry by tracking the full spectrum of Australian companies, from early stage biotechnology companies through to large scale global pharmaceuticals.

  • CAPITAL LABS - A new era in startup venture funding

    Capital Labs is a dedicated life sciences equity crowdfunding platform forging a new era in start-up venture funding. A first to market digital investment platform bringing together retail investors and life science innovators.

  • Glucose Biosensor Systems - GBSG

    Glucose Biosensor Systems Greater China (GBSG) is on a mission to revolutionize diabetes management. Our signature product is the Glucose Biosensor System – a ground-breaking, non-invasive saliva-based glucose monitoring technology that eradicates the need for finger prick blood tests for diabetes management.