The iQ Group Global is

...comprised of multiple companies that provide services to the biopharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to help our clients commercialise life science R&D and to maximise the return on investment post-approval. We work right across the product development cycle and our service offerings across the group include, Capital Investment, Corporate and financial advisory, IP asset management, Medical and Clinical Affairs, Scientific Advisory and Due Diligence and Pharmaceutical sales.

Global Reach

With a global reach, we deliver services and solutions that extend far beyond transactions and which are supported by objective, sustainable and measurable results. We help our clients improve drug discovery and development, comply with complex regulations, strategise and execute financial transactions, provide corporate advice and stimulate growth in the biotech sector.

Bedrock Values

iQ Group Global company growth is supported on bedrock values: Confidence, Solidarity, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Pursuit of Excellence & Passion.

These values guide the internal dynamics across our team and our client partnerships, the communities in which we live, and our shareholders.


iQ Series 8 Life Science Fund (Global) ESVCLP LP is a unique, highly specialised and strategically focused fund that invests in compelling early stage private medical life science and biotechnology companies with potential global market presence, bridging the gap between world-class medical research and commercialisation.